Pursuant to CCR 9767.3 (c) (4), - Physicians are NOT authorized to provide treatment at any location other than the location listed in this network listing.

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Our new and improved provider search allows you to search for doctors closest to an address, by name or phone number, by geographical region or through a quick search with pre-selected doctor type and distance.

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To Report Inaccuracies in provider data: Click Here, email ProviderUpdate04@snp-plus.com, or call 562.546.0035.

Medical Access Assistant (MAA)

Each client custom Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides the service of a Medical Access Assistant (MAA), which is available through a toll-free number Monday through Saturday from 7am to 8pm PST, to assist with finding a medical provider and setting an appointment.

For MAA assistance, you can call our toll-free number, (866) 272-6903. If telephone contact is unavailable, please e-mail the help desk at RisicoMAA@snp-plus.com, or send a fax to (714) 892-4825.

   Medical Provider Network (MPN) Contacts

If you have a general question, problem, or complaint regarding the MPN and MAA line, such as, but not limited to the provider listing, process, or medical providers, you can contact one of our MPN contacts as follows:

Please contact the Signature Networks, Plus (SNP) MPN Contact by calling the toll-free number at (866) 272-6903, or you can email the MPN Contact help desk at RisicoMAA@snp-plus.com, or you can send a fax to (714) 892-4825.

For a copy of the Complete Written Employee Notification Re: Medical Provider Networks please contact mpnhelp@risico.com.

To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call (866) 272-6903

Date of Last Physician and Provider Listing Update: 2021-05-15 12:47:10